senior project @ lrei

The Senior Project is the culmination of each student’s career at the High School. Senior Project takes the values and academics of LREI and allows students to explore these areas in the real world. There are three major components: experience, writing, and intellectual discourse. The experiential component takes many forms, including internships, independent projects, or hybrids of the two. All Senior Projects demonstrate connection to the outside world, self­-led learning in an area of passion, and demonstration of this connection and learning. The proposal stage begins the summer before senior year and includes self­-reflection and imagination. Proposals are examined by the Senior Project Committee and then refined according to feedback and, for some students, in light of internship availability. After Spring Break, students focus their energy on their independent projects and/or internships. No classes are required of students in the spring trimester of senior year, although students may opt to continue coursework based on their passions and Senior Projects proposals. Students share their completed projects with a committee of faculty members and then with the school community in June. The Senior Project Evening is the culminating event in the school year to which parents, teachers and the entire school community are invited, and is the final academic requirement for seniors.

In Their Words:
The Senior Project Experience

The following video profiles provide a view into the Senior Project process and how it serves as a capstone experience tied to LREI’s core values.